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  1. Dec. 5, 2018Co-op Student of the Year Alumna, now Employer: Wins Rotary “People of Action: Young Innovators”Christina Hassan

    Congratulations to Christina Hassan, an alumna of Applied Health Sciences program at the University of Waterloo for receiving the Rotary People of Action; Young Innovators Award. Christina Hassan has demonstrated exceptional achievement in developing FullSoul, a non-profit organization that works to provide sterile medical supplies for pre-and post- natal procedures to safely deliver and care for newborns.

  2. Nov. 26, 2018XE co-founder reveals his secret to finding the right grad for the job

    Beric Farmer (Computer Science ‘94) has discovered the secret to hiring top University of Waterloo grads: get them before they graduate.

    “You need to hire them early or they get snapped up by other companies,” he explains.

  3. Nov. 12, 2018BLOG: Tackle workplace injuries and save your organization lost time

    We caught up with some researchers here at University of Waterloo to find out how Canadian organizations could reduce injuries in the workplace.

    As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure”. Kinesiology researchers at the University of Waterloo have taken this adage to heart. The growth of the knowledge industry has given rise to sedentary work environments. This article examines the elements necessary for a healthy, productive workplace and shares a few simple, pragmatic measures that any organization can adopt to help prevent injuries.

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