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Discover what University of Waterloo students can do for your talent needs.

  • Designated Canada's most innovative university for the past 24 years, our students and alumni are quick learners who bring fresh ideas fuelled by passion and intelligence to your organization.
  • Waterloo students are exposed to academic excellence. The University is home to many distinguished faculty and researchers including two Canada Excellence Research Chairs, 65 Canada Research Chairs, four Killam Prize winners, and more.  
  • Upon graduation, students will have completed four to six work terms in a competitive employment process - the equivalent of two years of work experience.
  • The success they achieve in co-op translates to our graduates enjoying higher employment rates, more jobs related to their field of study, and higher earnings compared to other students in Canada.         

We're grooming the next generation of the workforce and invite you to become a part of it. Put your organization at the forefront of innovation by hiring Waterloo.

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  1. Aug. 11, 2016Science student volunteers her way to success

    Samantha Fowler wearing "Let's talk science" t-shirtBy Andreea Perescu​

    Samantha Fowler wants you to get excited about science.

  2. Aug. 9, 2016Starting with students, the peace industry takes root at Grebel

    By Jennifer Konkle

    students in conversation

  3. Aug. 9, 2016CANEU Co-op wins international education award

    By Andreea Perescu

    CANEU co-op group photo

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