Employer resources

Recruitment resources

Ready to recruit and hire a co-op student? Here are some valuable resources we've compiled to help you through the process:

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Write the perfect job description

Get our template and write a five-star job description to attract next gen talent.

A co-op student interview

Interview best practices

Gain insights on top-notch interview best practices, backed by research.

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U.S. Visa information

Hiring from the U.S.? Understand the U.S. J-1 visa process.

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Accessibility and hiring co-op students

Learn how to recruit with accessibility in mind and why it benefits your business.

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Create a sustainability-focused recruitment strategy

Download our guide and explore ways to attract talent by including sustainability practices in your recruitment strategy.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion best recruitment practices

Download our guide and discover how to make EDI a priority in your recruitment strategy.

Unlock the potential of Generation Z by finding out what motivates them at work

At the University of Waterloo, our Work-Learn Institute (WxL) surveyed more than 2,000 co-op students to gain deep insights into this intriguing next generation of talent. These students have gained real-world experience during their co-op work terms, giving them unique perspectives to help us predict expectations for Gen Z talent in the workplace. 

Generation Z talent is educated, tech-savvy, innovative and ready to work hard for you. They simply have an expectation that the impact of their time and effort aligns with their values. That’s where we come in! 

Find out what these values are, and more, in our Gen Z guide.

Work term resources

Once you've hired a co-op student, we encourage you to check out these resources we created to help you have a successful work term.

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Refresh your onboarding process

Discover the most effective tactics to engage new talent.

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Manage a successful work term

Review our research-backed tips to manage a meaningful work term.

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Supporting students remotely

Learn best practices for working remotely with co-op students.

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Accessibility in the workplace

Learn how to be an accessible and inclusive employer.

Campus engagement opportunities 

Want to increase your brand presence at Waterloo? Here are some opportunities to engage with Waterloo students and our campus community: