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Tired of looking through dozens (or more) candidate resumes and still not finding what you need? We have the solution – hire emerging talent, like co-op students. Get ahead of the curve and gain insights on recruiting this next generation of talent.

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Our co-op program runs year-round. So, our students are always available to hire for work terms that last four or eight months. We’ll help you find the right student for your organization on your timeline. 

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Attracting emerging talent is more important than ever before. We analyzed over 37,000 job descriptions posted on our student recruitment platform, WaterlooWorks, and used that data to develop a job description template.

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Explore affordable hiring options. There are several grants, tax credits and funding programs that help subsidize the cost of your hire. Many Canadian businesses qualify to receive tax credits and funding to subsidize up to 70 per cent of student wages.

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