Co-op expectations and responsibilities

By implementing both provincial (Ontario) and federal (Canada) legislation, in addition to Co-operative Education & Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada) guidelines, we ensure that our co-op employers and students are protected.   

We’ve outlined the roles and responsibilities of all co-op participants below (updated November 2022).  

Roles and responsibilities: Employers

Employer commitment 

Respecting your student under harassment and discrimination policies 

Eligibility for hiring

Job descriptions 

Interview process 

Offer process (ranking) 

Setting your student up for a successful work term

Best practices for co-op student supervision

Throughout your work term 

Towards the end of your work term

Actions to take in case of a strike or labour disruption while your student is on a work term 

Employer accountability 

Roles and responsibilities: University of Waterloo

Co-op accreditation 

What Co-operative Education will do 


Feasibility studies 

University closures