Co-op student performance evaluations

Employer discussing an evaluation with a student

To assess performance throughout the work term, employers must complete an evaluation of each co-op student at the end of their work term. Student performance evaluations are a mandatory step for students to receive co-op credit for their time working at your company.  

We recommend that you have regular conversations, throughout the term, with your student(s) about performance. These conversations help students to understand your expectations and to ask for support. It will also prepare both you and your student(s) for the end-of-term evaluation. 

Tips to ensure a successful co-op term for both you and your student

  • Create a supportive atmosphere. You want co-op students to be comfortable asking questions and turning to you for guidance. A supportive atmosphere will help them to learn new skills and solve problems. 
  • Set expectations at the beginning of the work term. It's important to discuss work hours, job responsibilities and goals.  
  • Provide feedback on a regular basis to help students improve through their work term.  
  • Refer to the Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF). Our student performance evaluations are based on the FRTF, so ensure your student(s) understand how you’ll evaluate them against the competencies and how they can build their skills.  
  • Conduct an informal mid-term evaluation. This gives students a chance to improve and adjust their work to achieve a higher rating.  
  • Provide regular check-ins and ongoing feedback to ensure both you and your student have a productive work term. 

Steps to complete the student performance evaluation (SPE) 

Near the end of the term, we’ll send you an email with a link to the student performance evaluation (SPE). (We’ll send you an email for each student with a unique URL.) Please update your work term record to ensure the correct person receives the student performance evaluation information. If you prefer, you can forward to link to the correct person.   

Once you receive the SPE link, there are three steps to follow:  

  1. Complete the evaluation – Assess your co-op student according to our FRTF competencies.  
  2. Have a conversation with your student – Review their performance and your evaluation.  
  3. Submit the evaluation to WaterlooWorks – Required for the student to receive their work-term credit.  

Student performance evaluation form (PDF version)

You can use the PDF version of the form below to guide your conversations with your student. At the end of the term, you’ll fill out a similar form in WaterlooWorks.

 Why is the student performance evaluation important to you?

If you have questions about completing your student performance evaluation, contact your student advisor.