Funding opportunities

It's never been more affordable to hire a co-op student.

There are a number of grants, tax credits and funding programs that subsidize, and sometimes completely cover, the cost of your hire. Browse the funding opportunities below to learn more.


Did you know?

The Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit allows employers to claim 25% of eligible expenditures on salaries and wages (30% for small businesses).

The maximum credit for each work placement is $3,000. Similar tax incentives are available in other provinces.


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Consultation is completely free. We can help you by:

1) matching you up with the right funding options
2) providing you with up-to-date info
3) getting you ready to hire from Waterloo
4) answer any questions you have related to various funding opportunities

If you already hire co-op students from Waterloo, please connect with your Account Services Team if you have any questions about funding. Simply click the “send a message” button after logging into WaterlooWorks.

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