Tips for hiring co-op students with disabilities

It's not difficult, expensive or time-intensive - practicing inclusive hiring and creating an accessible workplace simply means removing any barriers to finding the best candidates for your organization.

1. Language and work culture

Words are just as important as physical barriers. Learn how you can integrate inclusive language into your hiring process and supervising strategies, and take these 5 steps for creating a culture that attracts and welcomes employees with disabilities.

2. Job postings

Learn how to write a job description for next gen talent and download our free job description template with prompts to ensure your job posting is inclusive and reaches the right candidates. 

3. Interviews

Download University of Waterloo's equitable recruitment and selection toolkit, which includes checklists for selecting candidates, developing interview questions, assessment tools, and more. Ask all selected candidates if they require any accommodations throughout the interview process.

4. Accomodations

Workplace accommodations vary depending on each situation. Co-op students registered with University of Waterloo's AccessAbility Services can meet with a consultant to discuss a work-integrated learning accommodation plan, allowing students to bring specialized insight and confidence to any conversations you'll have about accommodations.

Most accommodations are inexpensive, easy to implement, and often benefit all employees, such as flexible work hours, or providing a headset or access to quieter work spaces. Learn about available funding opportunities that may help offset any costs.

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