Requesting and managing your accommodations

With our online system, you’re in control of managing your accommodations

You can apply any accommodation from your eligibility list, to any course you are taking - You choose when you need your accommodations, and when you don’t. For example, you will notify your instructor that you are eligible for testing accommodations. You may then choose to write your mid-term with your class, but then schedule your final exam with our Exam Centre. We are happy to facilitate your accommodations - you just need to let us know.

When managing your accommodations, you need to:

  1. Notify your course instructor of your accommodation plan for their course through the online system
    • Select each course that requires accommodations, and then customize your accommodation plan to that course. For example, you may not need testing accommodations for a course without tests.
    • The accommodations you select will be the ones that appear on the Facaulty Notification Letter that get's sent to your Professors automatically after you've requested these accommodations. Your Professors use the Faculty Notification Letter to understand your accommodation needs and their role in the accommodation process.
  2. Request your accommodation services from our office through the online system
    • Request the accommodation service for each course that you would like our office to facilitate, such as your ‘alternate testing accommodations’, ‘alternate format production’, and ‘peer note-taking services’. For example, you may not need peer-notes for online course, but need them for other courses.

Requesting term accommodations

Requesting course notes

Scheduling your tests and examimations

AccessAbililty Services' Exam Centre

Requesting Alternative Formats