If you have a disability that prevents you from reading standard print or standard electronic text, we will assist you by arranging for you to receive your materials in the appropriate alternative format. 

The publishers require that you purchase your textbooks before we can place requests. Please provide a copy of your sales receipt, which must be from a bookstore or online source such as Amazon. If a textbook is unavailable from institutional suppliers, arrangements can be made through AccessAbility Services to have it transcribed. If you purchased used textbooks and do not have a sales receipt, please bring in your textbook(s) for in-house production.

It can take 2 to 4 weeks to receive a textbook in alternative format, so request your materials early

Please Note:  You will be asked to complete the Alternate Format Use Student Agreement form.

If the book you require is a library book and it's only available in print you can search for a digitized copy through the Ontario Council of University Libraries' Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE).  Books in this repository are subject to Canadian copyright law and are made available for use to persons with disabilities listed under section 32 of the Canadian Copyright Act.

You can also request to have a book owned by the University of Waterloo scanned and added to the repository. 

To use the ACE repository you require a unique password/TOKEN which can be issued to you through Library Accessibility Services.