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Course instructors/faculty members are legally required to accommodate students with disabilities. AccessAbility Services (AAS) is here to help you understand your obligations, and to offer services and resources to help you facilitate these accommodations. For more information on roles and responsibilities in the accommodation process, please read the University’s Student Academic Accommodation Guidelines.   

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Faculty Notification Letters: Informing you of student eligibility for accommodations 

When a student requests an approved accommodation for your course, the instructor(s) listed in Quest will be notified of the accommodation(s) by email in the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL). The FNL also includes a description of the accommodation, so you are aware of the roles and responsibilities in facilitating that accommodation.  Please ensure any teaching assistants or co-instructors leading course, labs or tutorials are aware of these accommodations as well. An FNL may be generated at any point in the term as students may experience a disability, and/or a change in their condition, at any time in the year. 

It is expected that you will accept that the student requires an accommodation, and that you will follow the direction in the FNL accommodation descriptions. If an accommodation interferes with the essential components or objectives of your course, or, if you have concerns or questions about the accommodation, contact AccessAbility Services at access@uwaterloo.ca to be directed to the student's Accommodation Consultant. You may also refer to the University’s Dispute Resolution Process for student academic accommodations.

Faculty Module in the online system: Enabling you to manage your student's academic accommodations 

AccessAbility Services’ online system is used by students and AAS staff to request and manage accommodations. Course instructors can use this same system to manage their course accommodations, through the Faculty Module. This module enables you to: 

  • View a dashboard listing of your students and their accommodations for each of your courses. 
  • Export a list of students by eligibility (e.g., Extra time: 5, 10, 15 minutes per hour, etc.).
  • Receive real-time updates to accommodation plans should it change throughout the term. 
  • Navigate between courses and sections using the Advanced Search Panel option. 
  • Submit and make changes to your Alternative Testing agreement, so AAS can appropriately facilitate your in-person tests on your behalf.  

Watch this quick video on how to use the Faculty Module!


AccessAbility Services resources: Enabling you to facilitate your students’ accommodations  

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