Accessible transportation services

Eligibility for this service is based on documentation from a licensed healthcare practitioner. Documentation must clearly indicate a diagnosis of disability affecting mobility and be classified as temporary or permanent. All temporary classifications must include a date range in which this service is required. Contact to schedule an appointment with your Accommodation Consultant to discuss this request. 


Accessible transportation services are available for your course related pick-ups on-campus including Waterloo Residences only and it is not permitted for personal use. A report is sent to our office outlining the details of each ride at the end the month and rides used outside the boundaries, students may be responsible for covering the cost. There is no cost to you for using this service as it is paid for by our office. All pick-ups will be along Ring Road or the designated service roads. Rides are not permitted from any gated parking lot, or which require the use of campus walkways. Boundaries include:

  • University Avenue
  • Westound Road
  • Phillip Avenue
  • Waterloo Residences
  • Columbia Street (including UW Place)

Accessible transportation boundaries