University is different from high school. 

You can expect:

  • Larger class sizes
  • Increased volume of reading
  • A more flexible schedule
  • More self-directed learning

If you are planning on coming to Waterloo, there are events at the university to help you experience a smooth transition from high school to university and will help you to adjust to the new environment.

Student Success

The Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities outlines information regarding support for students with disabilities and provides detailed information regarding services available at the University of Waterloo.

Tips to make the transition easier:

  • Apply to AccessAbility Services as soon as you accept your offer of admission
  • Submit the appropriate documentation.
  • Apply to OSAP in order to establish eligibility for the OSAP bursary for students with disabilities (BSWD).
  • Spend time looking at the AccessAbility Services website to familiarize yourself with our services
  • Attend orientation events offered at the University of Waterloo

Visiting campus

We encourage you to visit us when you are considering the University of Waterloo to learn more about our services.  You will find us on the first floor of the Needles Hall expansion, room 1401.

To contact our department: