Peer supplemental notetaking support


Thank you for your interest in the volunteer Notetaking Services program at the University of Waterloo. Whether you are a student requesting notes, or are interested in volunteering, this page has a lot of information and resources available to help with your notetaking needs.

Thank you to all of our Instructors, Staff, and Volunteers who help make this program a huge success. Without your commitment and dedication to supporting our students, we could not provide the level of support needed without you – thank you!

 Contact Us

  1. Hayley Dutch, Student Services Coordinator
    • Email:
    • Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 41618
    • In-person (by appointment): University of Waterloo, Needles Hall North, Room 1401


We are always looking to hear your success stories and/or receive feedback on how to improve our Notetaking Services program. If you wish to have your voice heard, please complete our online feedback form.