Additional information for Graduate Students

Graduate Students – We’re here for you!

We’re here to meet your unique needs

We understand that accommodations at the graduate level can be complex and that your accommodation plan needs to take into consideration:

  • your disability/condition
  • the essential requirements of your program
  • your academic progression
  • your relationships you have with your supervisor
  • your funding sources and agreements
  • the environments where you are engaging in learning and research

We are here to ensure you receive the right accommodation at the right time. 

We respect your need for privacy

When receiving accommodation, you’re in control of:

  • Which of your eligible accommodations you would like to use

  • when you would like to use your eligible accommodations

  • who is informed about your accommodations

We respect your privacy and confidentiality by:

  • Never sharing information about your specific diagnosis, condition or symptoms

  • Seeking your consent before communicating to your academic unit about your accommodations

We are here to ensure you are comfortable with your accommodation plan and that your privacy is protected.

Sometimes the difference between meeting a challenge, and being sunk by it, is one visit.

Graduate Student registered with AccessAbility Services

My experience with AccessAbility services taught me that it is possible to change anything from the way you approach your whole degree to the way that you approach each day.

stephanie, Graduate Student Alumnus

We can support all graduate courses, milestones, and activities

We can design an accommodation plan for all aspects of your graduate academic career, including:

  • Participating in graduate courses
  • Researching, writing, and defending your thesis
  • Research, writing, and defending your comprehensive exam
  • Presenting at conferences or in seminars
  • Engaging in work-integrated learning, such as co-op, practicums, or clinics
  • Enabling the supervisor/student relationship

For more information about requesting and managing your accommodations, click here.

We’re here to design an accommodation plan tailored specifically to you and your graduate activities.

We offer supports specifically for graduate students

Graduate students often require learning strategy and assistive technology support as part of their accommodation plan. These resources are offered through online workshops, one-on-one support, and through a new AccessAbility Services course offered in LEARN.

AccessAbility Services course in LEARN includes a Graduate Student Resource Module that provides tools and strategies to support researching, planning, writing and presenting. It offers support in:

  • Identifying an effective methodology to engage in the research process 
  • Developing your organization, long-range planning and time management skills 
  • Improving your writing skills with greater effect 
  • Learning strategies that promote confidence in the preparation and delivery of presentations 

Click the link to register and view the AccessAbility Services LEARN Course

I would encourage students to contact AccessAbility as soon as possible in the school year. I was able to secure support right at the beginning of the term and so had an already existing connection with someone who could help me when I needed it later on.

We can help get you started

Register early with our office by following these steps:

  1. Complete our online application and select that you are a graduate student.
  2. Once your supporting medical documentation has been reviewed, you will be invited to attend a Graduate Student Registration Appointment.
  3. Meet with your Accommodation Consultant to discuss your eligibility for accommodations during your graduate career.

Contact our office if you have any questions or need help with the application process: 519-888-4567, ext. 45231 or 47922, or by emailing:

Please note: You are still able to register even If you do not have any documentation supporting your disability (for example, you may suspect you have a disability, but were never diagnosed). We will walk you through next steps and explore an interim accommodation plan.