Documentation Information & Forms

What documentation do I need to register?

There are several forms that you could use to register with our office that will assist us in the design of your individualized accommodation plan. Each form provides guidance on who may complete it. Please select the form that you feel is most relevant to you.

I am working with a regulated healthcare practitioner who is legally able to diagnose my disability/disabling condition who can complete documentation for me:

Select one of the forms below:

Acquired Brain Injury Disability Verification Form (PDF)  

ADHD Disability Verification Form (PDF)

Hearing Disability Verification Form (PDF)

Learning Disability Documentation Requirements

Medical Disability Verification Form (PDF)

Mental Health Disability Verification Form (PDF)

Physical Mobility Disability Verification Form (PDF)

Visual Disability Verification Form (PDF)

I am working with a practitioner to assess and treat my functional limitations (e.g. Physician, Social Worker, Physiotherapist, First Nations, Inuit, Metis Traditional Healer or Elder) who can complete documentation for me: 

Functional Limitation Verification Form  - this form is best used when a disability diagnosis is not appropriate, available or relevant (e.g. trauma, grief). This form may also be used in situations where you are not working with a physician on your assessment and treatment plan.

I don't have documentation and I am not currently working with a healthcare practitioner:

Academic Accommodation Self-Asessment Form

I am requesting an accommodation that requires specialized documentation:

Face Covering Exemption Request Verification Form (PDF)

Medical Cannabis Request Verification Form (PDF)

Service Animal Verification Form (PDF)

Verification of Animal's Health Form (PDF)

Please note that it may take your practitioner a number of visits with you before they are able to adequately assess your functional limitations and complete documentation. Once you've submitted your documentation to our office, it can take up to 14 days (2 weeks) for your documentation to be reviewed. Please note that this review time may be longer during peak times. We encourage you to plan accordingly and begin working with your practitioner right away. If you have questions about registering with our office and/or if you have encountered any unexpected barriers that are preventing you from engaging and participating in the registration process, please contact us by phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 35082 or by email:

Obtaining documentation is your responsibility, including any fee associated with having documentation completed. If cost is a barrier, please contact us by phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 45231 or by email: to schedule an appointment to speak with an Accommodation Consultant to discuss possible funding sources or other alternatives.

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