Support for Teaching Remotely

This website has been developed to support Waterloo instructors who will be teaching remotely. Remote teaching is a form of online teaching, and is currently being used to replace face-to-face teaching. The website includes expertise from the Keep Learning team of CEL, CTE, IST-ITMS, the Library, and others.

Its focus is to provide support to instructors who are designing their own courses to teach online. These courses will be developed using a variety of strategies. Resources, workshops and assistance are available from the Keep Learning team. As with your face-to-face course designs, you continue to have the opportunity to make thoughtful and strategic decisions about the outcomes, activities, and assessments that work for your course content, your students, and your approach to teaching.

The site provides guidance and tools to support teaching online, including developing teaching and learning resources (e.g., lectures and readings) and adjusting practices (e.g., activities and assessments).

Design Support iconNeed advice about teaching remotely?

We have people with experience in your discipline ready to help you choose and implement the right strategies and tools. Email us at

Tech support iconLooking for technical support?

For technical help setting up your course shell in LEARN, using instructional technologies to do things such as deliver lectures, connect with your students, or help your students connect with each, other email

  1. June 17, 2020New EdTech Tool: Perusall

    Perusall is a social annotation tool allowing groups of students to collectively make comments and ask questions around assigned readings in a course. For more information and start up instructions, see Perusall. Please note that the tool is not centrally supported at the present time.

  2. June 17, 2020Guidance on Equivalent Learning Experiences

    With a mostly remote teaching term coming up this fall, you may be wondering how to provide an equivalent learning experience for those students who will be unable to attend an in-person class or a synchronous online session. Check out the latest guidance on the Keep Learning website on Ensuring an Equivalent Learning Experience for Synchronous Sessions.

  3. June 17, 2020Getting Started with Online Teaching

    Applied Health Sciences Teaching Fellow, Zara Rafferty, has contributed Getting Started with Online Teaching to the Keep Learning website. This resource provides step-by-step guidance for moving your face-to-face course offering online.

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