Our agile development team provides a first-come, first-served rapid response approach focusing on either smaller development requests or supporting you with designing and developing online learning materials independently. It may also serve as an alternative option where our scheduled projects model is not the best fit.

You'll have access to the full range of CEL expertise:

  • instructional design

  • web and media development

  • learning management system (LMS) setup

  • accessibility

  • copyright

  • and more

Our support is flexible based on your needs without the structured timelines or deadlines associated with our scheduled projects approach. However, since it’s first-come first-served, demand and response time can vary; we also cap the dedicated time for any single support request at a much lower level (typically 80 hours maximum), to ensure we can continue to help as many people across the university as possible. We are currently prioritizing two key strategic priorities:

  • the Teaching Fellows Blended Learning Initiative
  • the conversion of remote teaching courses to fully online

What we do:

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  • build  online course components in short sprints (less than 80 hours)

  • consult for independent DIY (Do-It-Yourself) building of online components

Contact us if you want to:


Icon for remote courses

  • transition a remote course to a fully online course.

Icon for blended courses

  • create online components for your course (e.g. blended learning course).

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  • revise an existing online course.
  • complete a course development previously under CEL's scheduled project stream.
  • engage in design planning for a future CEL scheduled project.