The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) administers the majority of examinations for online courses. Currently most exams are paper-based, and students are supervised when exams are written. Our students are located all over the world, and so we have options.

Confirm or make your exam arrangements 

Review the exam dates for online courses and confirm or make your exam arrangements. The links below will help you determine what you need to do to make your arrangements.

  1. Students who have on-campus courses are automatically scheduled to write on the Waterloo campus
  2. If you are taking only online courses you will need to select an exam centre if you live within 100 km of one. All exam centres are located in Canada.
  3. If you live more than 100 km away from an exam centre you will need to find an individual proctor, but you can still choose to write at a centre if you wish.
  4. Students registered with Accessability Services should to contact them to schedule your exams in their office or receive documentation for an individual proctor if you cannot come to campus.

NOTE - Food and drink are not allowed in final exam rooms, with the exception of water in a clear bottle with no label. Please review Waterloo's final examination information for complete details.

Final examination accommodations

From time to time, students encounter extenuating circumstances such as significant illnesses, ongoing medical conditions, or religious observations that prevent them from meeting academic obligations. The University is committed to assisting students who experience these events.

If you need to reschedule an exam for an online course, read Waterloo's Academic Regulations Related to Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams Accommodations page for details, and then follow the instructions to request an alternate examination date.

AccessAbility Services provides services, support, and academic accommodations for students with disabilities, including extra time, alternate formats or aids for final exams. If you require their services for exam accommodations you must register with them and make new requests each term.


You must follow the instructions provided in your course to notify your instructor and/or faculty. If you need to sbmit a Verification of Illness (VIF) form you can find the VIF form and instructions on the Campus Wellness website.

You can review the Waterloo Accommodations Policy for more details.

Students writing exams on-campus