As a testament to the quality of our work, we have won a number of awards.

Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE)
Awards of Excellence


Non-credit programming under 48 hours

Management of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy (MOAT) Online
Jeff Nagge, Pharm.D., School of Pharmacy
Marie Lippens, Antonina Joukova and Gregory Papazian, Centre for Extended Learning

MOAT Online provides pharmacists, registered nurses and nurse practitioners with the knowledge and skills to effectively and safely manage oral anticoagulation therapy under a medical directive.

Rationale for offering the program:

Anticoagulation therapy management is not generally covered in Undergraduate curricula in Pharmacy. MOAT provides important continuing professional development (CPD) to pharmacists that can ultimately provide more patients with better care while expanding the role of the pharmacy in our health care system.

Experiential training online:

Experiential training was deemed crucial to program design based on the advice of an expert panel, instructor observations of learners in the clinic and a retrospective investigation from 10 years of a prior blended version of the program.

MOAT online provides experiential training to a dispersed target audience of working professionals using artificially intelligent (AI) simulated patient interactions, in an innovative partnership with Ametros Learning, Inc.

MOAT Online is offered in partnership with University of Waterloo Professional Development and the School of Pharmacy.

Design and Marketing Award - Broadcast and Video

Video - The Myths of Online Learning
Janice Cooke

Target Market:

Adult and/or non-traditional learners who are considering attending post-secondary education in an online environment.


To address some of the misperceptions and myths that are prevalent about online learning, and to try to convince our target market that these beliefs were not necessarily true. The myths we discuss were determined by

  • A survey and focus groups with adult students
  • Conversations our support and development teams have with students
  • An informal online review of attitudes towards online learning.

See the video at:

A short (1:39 min) video was determined to be the best vehicle to convey our message because it would allow us to showcase real online instructors discussing their experiences online.  We felt this would be stronger rebuttal of the misperceptions than other delivery tools. We were intentionally trying to make it generic with respect to quality online courses in Ontario instead of for Waterloo specifically to apply to a larger audience.

Project funded by Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development under the Ontario Postsecondary Access and Inclusion Program.  Production by Innertainment.


Non-Credit programming under 48 hours
Opiod Education Partnership
Feng Chang, Agnes Kluz, Rosemary Killeen, Tegal Patel
Staphanie Boragina, Antonina Joukova, Felicia Pantazi


Credit programming over 48 hours
Masters of Mathematics for Teaching

Ian Vanderburgh, Tonya Elliott

Non-Credit programming under 48 hours
Drug Nutrient Interaction
Rosemary Killeen, Felicia Pantazi

Non-Credit programming over 48 hours
OnCore-EnCours - Core Skills for Public Health Practice
Sheila Datta, Dina Meunier


Non-Credit programming over 48 hours
ADAPT - Patient Care Skills Development
Dina Meunier and Pia Marks

Canadian Association for University Continuing Education
Journal Award


"I gained a skill and a change in attitude":  A Case Study Describing How an Online Continuing Professional Education Coruse for Pharmacists Supported Achievement of Its Transfer-to-Practice Outcomes
Pia Zeni Marks, Brad Jennings, Barbara Farrell, Natalie Kennie-Kaulbach, Derek Jorgenson, Jane Pearson Sharpe, Nancy Waite

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE)
Award Prix - Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology


Online Mathematical Courseware - Secondary School Courseware Project