About Extended Learning

CEL mission

We offer high quality, extended learning opportunities to diverse learners; helping develop courses that are engaging, innovative, and academically rigorous.

CEL vision

  1. to leverage the strengths of the University of Waterloo, and to reflect/integrate those strengths effectively in our course and program offerings.
  2. to be inclusive and mindful of all learners and their approach to learning.
  3. to incorporate all relevant pedagogical innovations and emerging technologies into our course development and delivery, in order to enhance the educational experiences of our learners.
  4. to be recognized locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally as a hub of progressive extended learning and collaboration.

We develop both credit and non-credit courses

Our talented staff have expertise in developing and delivering a wide variety of learning materials. We

  • work with faculty to develop most of Waterloo's online for-credit courses.
  • provide on-going training for faculty and instructors of online courses.
  • develop training materials for on-campus partners.
  • collaborate with Waterloo subject matter experts and industry partners to create courses and courseware for non-credit, continuing education purposes. 

Official Green Certification

The Centre for Extended Learning office is officially Silver Certified with Waterloo’s Sustainability Office.