Study part-time

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At Waterloo we understand that it's often impossible to study full-time, particularly if you also have a job, a family or other commitments. That's why we have a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees and diplomas that are available on a part-time basis. 

  • take one or two courses per term
  • study online or on-campus (daytime and/or evening courses)
  • pursue courses for interest or work towards a degree

Visit the admissions page to see all the undergraduate and graduate degrees that Waterloo offers, and which of them are offered part-time and/or fully online.  Visit the Future Students Part-time and online studies page for information and application links for undergraduate programs, and the Discover Graduate Studies website for information on graduate programs and how to apply.

Part-time undergraduate degrees

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Admission requirements are the same as for Honours Arts. Other degrees in the Faculty of Arts may be available to you if you can attend daytime classes. Email the admissions office for more information.

Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Leisure Studies (BA)

  • This 4-year honours program starts in the fall term only.

You can choose to major in Recreation and Leisure Studies, Recreation and Sport Business, Therapeutic Recreation, or Tourism Development. Some courses can be completed online, but many of the required courses are only offered on-campus during the day.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Admission requirements are the same as for Honours Science.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the registrar's office at or 519-888-4567, ext. 33548.

Part-time graduate degrees

 Visit the Graduate program search page  to see which graduate programs are offered part-time.