Learn Online

Thinking online learning? Think Waterloo! 

The University of Waterloo has more than 525 online courses in over 40 subjects that provide the variety and flexibility you need to earn a complete degree or fit a course into your busy schedule. Online learning at Waterloo offers you choice and convenience without compromising academic excellence.

Support for Students

Before getting started with an online course, please take some time to explore an introductory module to learn about:

  1. the benefits of taking an online course
  2. how to make the most of your online course, and
  3. how to succeed as an online learner.

You might also find some useful information in our What to Expect section.

The University of Waterloo has long been recognized as a leader in online education in Canada. We are committed to advancing learning and knowledge through teaching, research, and scholarship. Every faculty offers online courses and there are multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees available fully online.

Our learners are discovering that online courses provide new opportunities to engage with course material, interact with peers and instructors, and learn using different types of media, all while maintaining the flexibility to study when and where you want.

Why not?

Join the thousands of students who take Waterloo's online courses every term.

  • when an on-campus course is full, won't fit into your schedule or isn't being offered on-campus - think online
  • when you work full- or part-time and can't attend on-campus classes - think online
  • when you want to discover a new subject in an interactive and supportive environment - think online
  • if you like the idea of learning the material at your own pace - think online
  • when you're on a work term or away for the summer - think online
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