Lifelong learning

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Other ways to learn

Non-degree studies

If you wish to take individual undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science without pursuing a degree, apply to non-degree studies.

Post-degree studies

If you have an undergraduate degree and are looking to take courses for general interest or to qualify for additional studies without pursuing a second degree, apply to post-degree studies.

Letter of permission

If you're currently working towards an undergraduate degree at another Canadian university and want to take courses at Waterloo to count towards your degree, apply using a Letter of Permission

Waterloo libraries

Take advantage of the services offered by University of Waterloo libraries

Open learning

Visit Open Waterloo and check out the free resources that are open to the public. These include high-school, university and general level material.

Waterloo YouTube Channel

The University of Waterloo hosts a variety of lectures and educational resources on our YouTube channel

Waterloo lectures and events

Waterloo has many great lectures and educational events happening. These are just a few pages where you can find details:

Waterloo event listings

Conrad Grebel Lecture Series

Community Relations - Public Lectures

Hagey Lectures

Professional development

Waterloo offers a variety of non-credit, in-class and online courses and certificates that will help you achieve your professional goals.