Training and workshops

Online Instructor Community of Practice

Audience: course authors and instructors

The Centre for Extended learning hosts termly community of practice (CoP) sessions for Online Instructors looking to discuss both the challenges and successes in their online teaching.

The topic for this session is “All the Things”. The meeting with start with a recap of major changes happening across campus (e.g., GenAI and other emerging EdTech, new AODA guidelines, burnout and wellness-related concerns, equity, global futures…) and examine which areas are impacting instructors efforts in online teaching spaces the most. Please email Tonya Elliott if you’d like to join the discussion or attend future Online Instructor CoP sessions. 

Upcoming Dates:  Thursday May 9, 11:30 – 1:00

Location:East Campus 3 (EC3), room 1101

New Online Instructor Orientation

Audience: Waterloo instructors who are teaching online for the first time and did not author the course they are teaching.

This online orientation is designed to guide you through your course and will cover the following:

  • The CEL team that is here to support you  
  • The structure, design, and Learning Management system (LEARN) tools used in your course
  • How to navigate your course
  • How to identify your specific tasks and responsibilities as the online facilitator  
  • The critical role that online facilitators play in student outcomes and success 
  • Specific strategies that you can use to engage with, support, and connect with your students  

The workshop materials are available online in LEARN and will be available until the end of term. There is no requirement for participation although there will be 1 or 2 optional live virtual sessions. The dates below are the windows of time during which the orientation facilitators from CEL will be monitoring the course, answering questions, and available to support you.

Upcoming Dates: TBD

Spring 2024 Getting Ready to Facilitate Online Courses: TA Training

Audience: Waterloo Teaching Assistants

This 4-week, online certificate course is suitable for any current or future teaching assistant (TA) who wishes to build skills and knowledge of best practices in facilitating fully online courses.

While this course has been specifically designed for a TA or preceptor, the insight into online course facilitation and skills developed will build proficiency for anyone. You will discover how to successfully contribute to the facilitation of an online course, foster student engagement, support student outcomes, and build a sense of community using various forms of interaction. Participants will also learn how to use LEARN learning management system tools to create presence and connection, assess student learning and work effectively in their TA/Preceptor role.

Format and Expectations

You should expect to spend about 4 hours each week engaging with the course materials, activities, and assessments. This hands-on course is facilitated by two experts in online learning from CEL who will be there to track your progress and support your learning through the course.

The format is asynchronous with no live sessions, so you can work through the weekly content and activities at your own pace. Participants are expected to complete the practice activities by the set weekly deadlines, as many of the activities are scaffolded and depend upon timely peer-to-peer interaction.

You will receive a certificate in online course facilitation upon completion of the course deliverables, and it can be applied as an elective towards the Centre for Teaching Excellence's Fundamentals of University Teaching Program.

Upcoming Dates: Monday, May 27 - Friday, June 21

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