J.D. Leslie student prize

James D. Leslie Graduate Award

The James D. Leslie Graduate Award is awarded annually to a full-time or part-time graduate student who has completed their degree requirements in one of Waterloo’s fully online graduate degree programs, achieving a minimum 80% overall average and demonstrating the benefits of lifelong learning. 

This $1000 award is made possible by a donation from Dr. Josephine Naidoo, widow, and children Dr. Christina Leslie, Dr. Ken Leslie, and Dr. Michele Leslie, in recognition of the contributions of their late husband and father James D. Leslie to the foundation of Waterloo’s Distance Education program.

Graduate Award Winners

Year Name Program
2023 Maria Shamim Master of Environment and Business (MEB)
2022 Shane Clark Master of Social Work (MSW)
2021 Sarah Chan Master of Mathematics for Teachers (MMT)

J.D. Leslie Undergraduate Prize

University of Waterloo's J.D. Leslie Undergraduate Prize is awarded to a graduating  student who has achieved a first-class standing and who has earned 50% or more of the credits for his or her undergraduate degree through online courses. 

This $1,000 prize is named for the late James D. Leslie, PhD., who began the University of Waterloo's Correspondence Program in 1968 (now the Centre for Extended Learning). It is awarded annually at the fall convocation ceremony.

Undergraduate Award Winners

Year Name Program
2022 Kassie Harker Arts, Honours
2021 Mariangela Rogers Arts, General
2020 Yuyu Duan Math, General
2019 Agata Nowak Arts, Honours
2018 Jennifer Roy Arts, General
2017 Erin Firmani Arts, Honours
2016 Tanya Montebello Arts, General
2015 Charlotte Whalen Arts, General
2014 Sheila Noel Arts, General
2013 Nicole Gadoury Arts, General
2012 Michele Morin-Guy Science, General
2011 M. Helen Murphy Arts, General
2010 Stephen Kring Arts, General
2009 Amar Nashi Science, General
2008 Jennifer Van Acker-Barlow Arts, General
2007 Debbie Loubert Arts, General
2006 Andrea Kidd Arts, General
2005 Bryn Palmer Science, General
2005 Anne Allin Science, Honours
2004 Heather Nelson Arts, General
2003 Jennifer Antifave Arts, General
2002 Raymond Metcalf Science, General
2001 Dagmar Jahn-Burton Arts, General
2000 Cindy Cowan Arts, General
1999 James Piggott Science, General
1998 Donald Witzel Mathematics, General
1997 Muriel Orr Hadzocos Arts
1996 Valarie Wallace Arts, General
1995 Valerie Croy Science, General
1994 Philip Monner Arts, General
1993 James Evans Arts, General
1992 Dorothy Rozins Arts, General
1991 Harold Angel Science, General
1991 Barbara Robson Arts, General
1990 Gezina Rietveld Arts, General
1989 Kurt Noack Arts, General
1988 Margaret Sinclair Mathematics, General
1987 Hildegard Fuhs-Briks Arts, General
1986 Nancy Maki Arts, General
1985 James Cleland Science, General
1985 Elizabet Dranfield Arts, General
1984 Rita Beechey Arts, General
1983 James Keddie Arts, General
1982 Janine Johnson Arts, General
1982 Julie Kit Yee Yu Science, General