What it costs

Full-time undergraduate student fees

Tuition fees for online courses are the same as for on-campus courses. However, there are differences in incidental fees. View the undergraduate fee schedules and choose the term in which you're taking courses. If you're taking more than two courses, you are considered a full-time student. 

Part-time undergraduate student fees

Part-time students (those taking one or two courses per term) are charged per course. Incidental fees vary depending on a number of factors. View the undergraduate fee schedule, select the term in which you're taking courses, and then click on the "per course fees" tab to view tuition amounts. If you take one or two on-campus courses, you will also be charged part-time incidental fees. Click on “incidental fees” for details.

Graduate student fees

There are considerable differences in fees for graduate programs.  Select Graduate fee schedules on the Tuition fee schedules page to find the fee schedule for the appropriate term and program.