Why teach online

There are many reasons why you should consider teaching online at Waterloo. These are only a few:

  • Flexibility - you can teach from almost anywhere at a time that's convenient for you. Your course materials and online classroom are available to you and your students 24/7.
  • Demand - students want to learn online. We have more than 41,000 enrolments each year, and this number continues to grow.
  • A Wide Audience - your online course can have students located anywhere in the world, and they can bring a great diversity to your classroom.
  • Quality - our experienced staff work with you to ensure that students receive a high quality learning experience that is academically rigorous, current, maintains academic integrity, promotes the achievement of the intended learning outcomes, and wherever possible is relevant and/or applicable to real-world situations.  
  • Improvement - the process of designing an online course, and working with a skilled Online Learning Consultant (OLC) can help you reassess and improve your in-person teaching.
  • Technology - Many difficult concepts can be demonstrated more easily and completely with multi-media and technology. LEARN has the capability to accept assignments securely, time-stamp the submission and close the submission window automatically, discussion rooms chats are retained and you're easily able to see class participation. The discussion boards also let you evaluate the students understanding of the topic and take immediate and private actions to assist.
  • Time - the course work, assessments and assignments are completed in advance and this simplifies your work during the term. The materials can also be reused, with incremental updates, for a long time.
  • Award-winning - many of our courses have won awards for pedagogy, design, and instruction and this kind of national and international recognition can only help your career.