To make sure you are prepared for your Spring 2020 online course(s) please review the following:

Access to your course and important dates

You will have access to your course(s) in LEARN, Waterloo's Learning Management System on the first day of the term, May 11, 2020.

Make sure you review the important dates on the Registrar's website to be sure you meet all your deadlines, and check your course syllabus for details on all your course specific deadlines and assessment details.

Review system requirements

Check your system and software to ensure you'll be able to access your online course in Waterloo LEARN. Internet access is required for all online courses.

Get your textbooks

Visit UW Book Look on the Waterloo BookStore site to see which textbooks you need. You can also email or call them at 519-888-4673 (1-866-330-7933 toll-free within Canada). Please do this early, since the bookstore is not open for purchases and all text books will need to be shipped to you.

Final Exams

There will be no face to face exams this term, so you do not need to make arrangements.  Details on your assessments and exams will be available in the course syllabus.  Any inquiries should be sent to your instructor.

Confirm your contact information is correct

The University communicates with you via the information on your file in Quest. All email is sent to your official uWaterloo email address, including communications about your final exam.

Keep your contact information, including email address, mailing address, and phone number up to date, even on a co-op term.

Review the University's Statement on official student email address.

Visit our student resources page

Review our Student resources page for information that will help you during your studies at Waterloo.