A new website, Keep Learning has been created to assist with the rapid shift to teaching online. This website offers the collective expertise of Centre for Extended Learning (CEL), Centre for Teaching Excellence, Information Systems and Technology (IST) - Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS), the Library, Accessibility Services and others, to support you in designing and teaching your courses online.

As a part of Waterloo's Strategic Plan, we are committed to being a leading provider of technology-enabled learning opportunities, and as such have lofty goals to expand our footprint in the online learning market.  

“Increased availability of fully online programs and courses extends Waterloo’s reach, maximizes student flexibility, and enables professionals and students at a distance to complete a Waterloo degree.”

The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) has been helping Waterloo faculty and instructors design, develop and deliver online courses since 1997, and we are good at what we do. We currently offer more than 500 online courses and 19 fully online programs to both undergraduate and graduate students.

You provide the subject matter expertise and we provide the assistance you need to create an outstanding learning opportunity for students. We have professionals who will help you with course mapping, online teaching strategies, using the tech to it's best advantage, multi-media development, copyright, quality control and much much  more.

CEL works closely with Waterloo course authors and instructors to create a well-designed, evidence-based online course that will provide a valuable learning experience for your students.  We refer to our design framework as User Experience Design for Learning (UXDL). Learn about the framework on our UXDL Honeycomb site, including examples of how we've applied UXDL principles in our courses.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas for an online course.