Welcome to the Centre for Extended Learning

The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) supports the design, development and delivery of online credit and non-credit courses for the University of Waterloo and advocates for adult, part-time and online learners.

"We've been extending learning and bringing Waterloo education to the world for more than 50 years."

Online credit course creation

Our talented team works with Waterloo's faculties and university colleges to provide world-class educational options in an online environment. We help faculty members and instructors develop academically rigorous courses and provide training and support to ensure Waterloo students succeed in their online academic endeavours. 

Support for adult, part-time and online learners

CEL understands the additional complexities that adult, part-time and fully online learners face in your academic careers, and we advocate on your behalf with our University of Waterloo partners. Most services that are offered on-campus are available to all admitted students regardless of location. 

Waterloo students taking online courses meet the same admission requirements as those in on-campus programs, and are held to the same high standards of educational excellence. 

  1. Nov. 15, 2021New Virtual Learning Strategy Funding Available

    The Ontario government recently announced an additional $8 million of Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) funding that builds on the previous $50 million investment that will again be administered through eCampusOntario. 

    Funding will focus on one of four priority areas: 

  2. June 21, 2021Professional Development Changes

    The University of Waterloo has announced the creation of a new academic support unit called WatSPEED that will develop non-credit courses targeted primarily at corporate, mid-career and executive learners.

  3. June 2, 2021eCampusOntario Offers Free Training to Enhance Digital Teaching

    Are you looking for flexible ways to enhance your digital teaching practice through emerging technologies and pedagogical approaches to technology-enabled teaching and learning? Then Ontario Extend is designed just for you!

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