The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) is an exciting and vibrant place to work. We are always looking for creative and dedicated people to join our team.

Ongoing or Contract Positions

We have no positions available at this time.

Student Positions

We often hire students.  Please check WaterlooWorks for any current postings.

"Working with CEL Systems was a great experience as the team is composed of diverse members, not only in skills, but experiences, creating a well-rounded group and accepting environment. I am grateful to have had a hand in some exciting projects that allowed me to advance the skills I have been developing through my educational and professional career.


Working at CEL was a great work term experience. All the staff was extremely welcoming and I had the opportunity to take part in many fun company events. It was amazing being a part of the Systems team and contributing to interesting projects and work that is valued by the company. The team has many members of diverse technical backgrounds and can be counted on to give helpful advice and unique viewpoints.


I had the pleasure of working with the CEL Systems team for 4 months. A major project I was involved in was the CEL chatbot. I was tasked with the creation of the initial demo prototype as well as improving the backend logic of the bot. The Systems team was extremely helpful and guided me towards success whenever I needed assistance. With their help, I was able to become familiar with tools like TensorFlow and Keras to create a working demo of the chatbot. I was also involved in integrating a Computer Inventory Management System (CIMS) that tracked physical hardware and software licenses. This project gave me valuable experience using MySQL and Excel. In addition, I was also exposed to common industry tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Git. Overall, I enjoyed my time at the CEL. I made plenty of friends and gained valuable industry skills that I will take with me to my future co-ops.

Brandon, Computing Support Assistant, Winter 2020

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