Writing with a proctor

The deadline to submit a proctor is July 5.

Who can write their exam with a proctor

You will need to find a proctor to supervise your in-person final exam if any of the following apply to you:

  • you live more than 100 km from an examination centre.
  • you are writing more than two examinations at a centre other than Waterloo. These exam centres only hold two exam sessions.
  • you cannot write the examination(s) on the scheduled date/time for religious reasons.
  • you are registered with AccessAbility Services and cannot write your exam in their office.  
  • you must reschedule your examination due to circumstances beyond your control (see alternate exam options).
  • you are in active military or diplomatic corps service.

If you are taking any on-campus courses your exam will be scheduled in Waterloo.

Online proctoring is not available final exams in Spring 2024.

How to find a proctor

You are responsible for finding an appropriate proctor. The proctor MAY NOT: 

  • be related to you in any way (including by marriage or common-law),
  • be a friend, neighbour or co-worker
  • live at the same address as you do,
  • be currently enrolled in a Waterloo course.

The quickest way to locate a proctor in your area is to conduct a Google search for “proctors near me.” Your search results will yield official testing centres at colleges, universities, libraries, and learning centres. You can also search for local libraries or religious institutions.

We will check your address in Quest to ensure your proctor is located near enough to you to supervise your exam in-person.

We will verify the information the proctor submits to ensure they meet the requirements and minimize academic integrity issues. Proctors must read English fluently.

Who can proctor:

  • Active teachers/educational professionals above the pre-school level. A teacher's certificate may be required.
  • Administrative employees of a university, school, or college.
  • Religious institution officials (e.g. priest, rabbi, pastor, minister, nun, monk, or imam)
  • Library staff.
  • Military officers (only for members of the military and their spouses)
  • Health care workers (for students registered with Waterloo's AccessAbility Services)
  • National College Testing Association sites - United States
  • Education USA Advising Centers (there are over 425 international student advising centres in 178 countries but not all centres offer proctoring services)

NEW: Digital versions of exams will be distributed to proctors close to the exam date. Please make sure your proctors can print the exam on A4/Letter paper. They will also need to scan it and return it digitally once it has been written.

What you need to know about submitting your proctor information

You will provide your proctor's name and email address and we will contact them directly for additional information. We will approve them once we verify their information and will email you when that happens or if the proctor you provided is unacceptable.

You and your proctor will arrange the location, day and time when your proctor will supervise your exam within the exam period. Your proctor should stay with you for the duration of the exam.

A digital exam will be sent to your proctor in time for your examination, along with instructions for how to conduct the exam, how to return the exam to us after it is written, and how to complete the payment forms.

Waterloo pays proctors $20/hr CAD. Students are responsible for any additional fees. You can also pay your proctor and submit documentation to be reimbursed through your account in Quest.

The date and time shown in Odyssey for proctored exams will NOT show the actual time you have arranged with your proctor.