Digital Learning Strategy

The University of Waterloo has long been a Canadian leader in distance and online education, and is proud of its title as Canada’s more innovative university. By drawing on its resources and aligning its focus, Waterloo can establish itself as a leader once more in the evolving arena of digital teaching and learning.

The Digital Learning Strategy (DLS) is an institutional project, aligned with the University’s 2020 – 2025 strategic plan. It was designed with the goal of developing a comprehensive framework for digital instruction and program design, including selection of digital teaching and learning tools and support for the learning experience.

The Digital Learning Strategy Working Group has developed a set of recommendations and directions, which will be a great accelerant to bringing the DLS key strategic directions to life for the University. This framework is foundational and will be tested as elements of it are implemented through ongoing consultations with the community.

General oversight of DLS and implementation of the framework will be the responsibility of the Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA), David DeVidi. The AVPA portfolio collaborates and coordinates with other units, councils, and functions of the University, and David’s leadership on other institutional initiatives will help to seamlessly integrate this framework across the institution. The DLS will serve as an integral component in helping build a resilient University of Waterloo.