Digital Learning Strategy

The University of Waterloo has long been a Canadian leader in distance and online education and is proud of its title as Canada’s most innovative university. By drawing on its resources and aligning its focus, Waterloo can establish itself as a leader in the evolving arena of digital teaching and learning.

The Digital Learning Strategy (DLS) is an institutional project, aligned with the University's 2020-2025 strategic plan. It was designed with the goal of developing a comprehensive framework for digital instruction and program design, including selection of digital teaching and learning tools and support for the learning experience.

Objectives of the Digital Learning Strategy Working Group

Through research and consultation with Waterloo stakeholders, the DLS working group will provide summary information, outline options for the campus community, and make recommendations to senior leadership. Topics include:

  • Alignment of digital learning projects currently underway and in development across the university;
  • Decision-making processes supporting a balance between operational efficiency, experimentation, and use of local solutions, where appropriate;
  • Preparing for change in the way education is offered (e.g., demographic changes, availability of open educational resources);
  • New delivery models and flexible learning pathways;
  • Ideas for developing thoughtful and intentional strategies supporting a digital learning ecosystem.

The team will produce a public report of its findings, summarizing key takeaways and making recommendations. At various stages in its deliberations, the committee will consult with senior leadership to ensure alignment of the recommendations with the strategic direction of the University.

Work plan

In addition to an environmental scan, the team's work will primarily be driven by consultations with key university stakeholders, including but not limited to the following groups: 

  • faculty  

  • academic administrators including Deans and the Provost 

  • the Centre for Teaching Excellence, the Centre for Extended Learning, Instructional Technologies and Media Services (Information Systems and Technology), and the Library

  • undergraduate and graduate students

How to get involved

If you have ideas about Waterloo’s digital learning strategy, the project team would like to hear from you. Please reach out to the most appropriate team member or contact the working group via

Team member

DLS contacts

UW position

Contact information


Johanna Wandel


Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives, Geography and Environment


Aldo Caputo


Director, Centre for Extended Learning


Carolyn MacGregor


Associate Dean, Teaching & Student Experience


James Skidmore


Associate Professor and Director, Waterloo Centre for German Studies


Diana Skrzydlo


Teaching Fellow

Continuing Lecturer

Director, Master of Actuarial Science

Anton Mosunov, Lecturer, Math Digital Assets Group

Peter Johnson


Associate Professor, Geography and Environment


Robert Hill


Teaching Fellow Associate Professor; Physics and Astronomy


Tamara Maciel


Program Director, School of Anatomy, Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Stephanie Ye-Mowe Undergraduate students Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA)

Jill Knight

Jordan Daniels

Kevin Bonnell Graduate student Graduate Student Association (GSA)  

Mary Power

Academic Support Units

Senior Educational Developer, Faculty Programs & Blended Learning, Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE)


Pam Fluttert

Academic Support Units

Director Instructional Technologies & Media Services, Information Systems & Technology (ITMS-IST)


Victoria Chu

Academic Support Units

Associate University Librarian, Learning, Research and User Services, Library 

Mike Chee, Open Educational Resources Librarian

Kari Weaver, Learning, Teaching, and Instructional Design Librarian

Rachel Figueiredo, Entrepreneurship and Management Librarian

Wendy Hague

Project Manager

Project Management Office, Information Systems & Technology


Tracy Klassen-Jacobs

Administrative Support

Student Services Coordinator, Centre for Extended Learning

Alisa Sivak Communications Communications Associate, Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic