Emergency Management, Safety, and Culture

The University of Waterloo is committed to continuously improving the response to emergency situations, facilitating safety and security, and fostering a culture of inclusion on our campuses. And we are committed to keeping our community informed about progress on these initiatives.

Student Experience Review

The University of Waterloo is committed to excellence and innovation in all areas of the University – from academics, to experiential learning, and research. The University also endeavors to facilitate and catalyze positive student experiences, such that Waterloo students are well-positioned to achieve their individual goals.

Provost’s Advisory Committee

The University of Waterloo is focused on maintaining a vibrant and thriving campus. This has been our commitment to the community since our founding and continues to guide us toward achieving our vision of Waterloo at 100.


Students are at the centre of the University’s mission to “advance learning and knowledge through teaching, research, and scholarship, nationally and internationally, in an environment of free expression and inquiry.”