Disability Inclusion Steering Committee

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Timeline of Actions


  • June 2018
    • Government began developing Education Standard under AODA, developing from grassroots initiatives and voices.
  • April 2022
    • Government released Education Standard Final Recommendation Report. With this report, efforts are being made to streamline compliance and regulation in order to implement the recommendations across various Ministries.
    • Action began for Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Ministry of Education coordinating regulation efforts.
  • Fall 2022
    • Executive Sponsorship established with the Vice-President, Academic & Provost.
    • Disability Inclusion Steering Committee (DISCo) formed to lead the investigation of what the recommendations mean for Waterloo.
  • Spring 2023
    • DISCo presented at various governance committees to build awareness of the recommendations and the suggested approach Waterloo will take in building shared commitment across the campus to the recommendations.
  • Summer 2023
    • Meetings with identified Executive Council leads to discuss bundling of recommendations within appropriate portfolios.
  • Fall 2023 - Present
    • Operational leads from within the Executive Council portfolios were appointed to consider next steps in how the recommendations may begin to be implemented across Waterloo.

Coming up in 2024

  • Shared updates on Waterloo’s progress towards actionable workplans for incorporating the recommendations into every day at Waterloo