Student Experience Review

The University of Waterloo is committed to excellence and innovation in all areas of the University – from academics, to experiential learning, and research. The University also endeavors to facilitate and catalyze positive student experiences, such that Waterloo students are well-positioned to achieve their individual goals and objectives in an inclusive, and supportive environment.

As noted in the Terms of Reference, the student experience evaluation process will include a team of External Reviewers who will engage the campus community, with support from an Internal Steering Committee and appropriate staff colleagues, to gather information and perceptions of Waterloo’s current strengths and opportunities. To help structure the reviewers’ work, the Internal Steering Committee has created three foci or “bins” – teaching and learning; student support; and student wellness – that are believed to comprise the most important elements of student experience.

Waterloo’s academics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are known to be challenging, but also exceptionally successful in preparing our graduates to continue the University’s well-recognized leadership in disruptive innovation. The University believes that the quality of our students’ experiences should parallel the excellence of our academic and experiential offerings. As such, the University is engaging in a holistic student experience review, the goals of which are to:

  • assess overall student experience at the University;
  • situate the findings of this review relative to other data sources and external rankings; and
  • provide direction for future investigations and interventions to build upon successes and address identified challenges.

Any feedback or questions about the review can be sent to Chris Read, Associate Provost, Students.