Disability Inclusion Steering Committee


Disability inclusion is at the heart of our institution. We are taking a proactive approach to creating an accessible Waterloo for everyone, inspired to create a culture of “One University” in which our community can thrive.

To achieve this goal, the Disability Inclusion Steering Committee (DISCo) was formed in the 2022-23 academic year, led by senior University leaders who are reviewing matters of accessibility and developing strategic plans to address barriers that limit access to the world-class quality of education that Waterloo offers. DISCo is advisory to the Provost, who holds executive sponsorship and accountabilities for meeting the 185 recommendations included in the AODA’s Post-Secondary Education Standard (the “Education Standard”) Final Recommendations Report 2022.

DISCo is addressing accessibility concerns within nine thematic areas identified by disabled people as posing barriers to post-secondary education, including but not limited to perceptions and assumptions; assessment, curriculum, and instruction; digital learning and technology; as well as physical and financial barriers. The committee aims to identify synergies, partnerships, resource-sharing opportunities, and collegial practices across all relevant institutional activities.