Waterloo Student Experience & Engagement (WatSEE)

Students are at the centre of the University’s mission to “advance learning and knowledge through teaching, research, and scholarship, nationally and internationally, in an environment of free expression and inquiry.” The “Waterloo Student Experience” encompasses their academic and intellectual development, experiential education opportunities, campus life, and well-being. Their experience is the shared responsibility of Faculties, Academic Support Units (ASUs), the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo (AFIWs), and students, occurring at the individual (e.g., instructors, advisors, service providers), activity (e.g., curricular, events, clubs, athletics, residence, work terms), and structural levels (e.g., institutional practices and policies).

WatSEE Framework

In support of our mission, we have developed the “Waterloo Student Experience & Engagement" (WatSEE) Framework, which articulates objectives and guides practices as we create an environment that embraces students in all aspects of campus life. It considers “learning” to be a transformative activity that integrates academic learning and student development. WatSEE acknowledges the holistic interconnectedness of student learning, which occurs through all interactions with members of the University and provides a lens for guiding student experience activity and assessment. For the full justification and description, refer to the WatSEE Framework report.

We want our students to do more than survive – we want them to thrive.

Our goal is for students to thrive at the University. This goal is supported by attending to three key elements of life at Waterloo: expand understanding, develop self, and build relations.

The Instructor and Graduate Student Supervisor and UWaterloo Community toolboxes provide guidance and ideas on how to incorporate these three key elements into the student experience to create a thriving University of Waterloo community.

WatSEE Framework Figure

Questions and comments about WatSEE should be directed to Marlee M. Spafford (she/her), Special Advisor to the Provost on Student Experience, at marlee.spafford@uwaterloo.ca.