Disability Inclusion Steering Committee

A Message from the Provost

The University of Waterloo is committed to excellence. Excellence in our academics, work, services, and overall experience. Our students and employees are among the best in the world. Brilliant minds from across the globe come here to work and study; innovators and entrepreneurs collaborate from spark to finish within these walls; and our thought leaders are empowered to shape the future of the University and society from our campus. In all of these achievements lies a core strength – diversity.

Each of us brings unique experiences and expertise to the table. Our institution is committed to leveraging these talents by creating an environment designed for everyone, with accessibility built into all touchpoints. We will use the framework of the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Building a Resilient University of Waterloo to thoughtfully evolve a sustainable, co-ordinated, and empowered approach to optimize how we work and study, while embracing a culture of “One University.”

Together, we are celebrating the strength of our diversity by facilitating work through an inclusive lens, so that everyone is inspired to pursue their goals, participate fully, and bring their best every day to Waterloo.