About the Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost

The vice-president, academic and provost is the chief academic and budget officer of the University of Waterloo. Working closely with the president, he leads and supports the efforts of the deans, faculty and staff to drive academic excellence across the university. The provost also carries operational and budgetary authority and responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the university. Among other areas of accountability, guided by the University of Waterloo’s unique culture, history and mission, and the president’s strategic goals, the office is responsible to:

  • provide leadership that supports all aspects of the university, including matters academic, financial and material
  • in conjunction with Senate, the president and the senior management team, set the academic goals for the university
  • work with the university community to develop, interpret, communicate and implement long-range academic plans
  • set academic priorities and ensure that resources are aligned with those priorities
  • act to promote innovation; collaboration; excellence in research, scholarship and teaching; and a culture of transparency
  • lead development and oversee implementation of the university operating budget
  • support Waterloo’s distinctive commitment to knowledge exchange with the local and global communities
  • foster Waterloo’s tradition of and commitment to collegial governance
  • encourage continued development and provision of high quality programs and services to students to provide them with the richest and most rewarding learning experience possible
  • support faculty deans in recruiting, retaining, developing and advancing outstanding faculty
  • support the federated university and affiliated university colleges in their continuing development and delivery of high quality programs
  • support the president in advancing external relationships
  • serve as deputy to the president in his absence