Course Templates

To help you build your course in LEARN we’ve designed seven editable templates to give you a head start creating your content and assignment pages. They can help improve student navigation and provide a consistent overall course design. They're now available directly from your LEARN course.

How to access the templates

From your LEARN course:

  1. Go to Content.
  2. Under Table of Contents on the left, select one of your modules 
  3. If you need to create a new module, type the new module title in the Add a module… text field under Table of Contents and press Enter.  
  4. Select Upload/Create and Create a File.
  5. Choose Select a Document Template.

This image shows the "Select a Document Template" button and the "Enter a Title" field.

  1. Select a template from the drop-down list.
  2. Provide a title for your page e.g. 1a: Introduction to Business Processes.
  3. See the Editing instructions below to add text, videos, and/or links to your page.
  4. Save and close.

How to use the templates

This video includes how to organize a weekly course structure, how to use the weekly introduction page template, and the basic page template.

There are seven templates:

  • 01 Basic Page
  • 02 Weekly Introduction Page
  • 03 Course Schedule
  • 04 Syllabus
  • 05 Discussion
  • 06 Dropbox
  • 07 Quiz

The basic page can be turned into any type of page and includes brief instructions on how to format text, add images, and embed video.

We recommend segmenting your course content into weekly modules and the weekly introduction page is a great place to start.

The syllabus provides essential information about you, your TA(s), course materials, policies, and more.

You can include all relevant dates in the course schedule, and then link there instead of repeating the dates throughout the course. This provides a consistent location for due dates that is easier to update for a new term.

There are also a series of assignment pages, which provide helpful instructions for completing specific assessments such as a discussion, dropbox assignment, or quiz.

Access Tracking

Student access of and activity with any files embedded within the template pages will not be tracked in LEARN. If you require tracking and still wish to use the templates consider breaking the pages into smaller units or add individual files in submodules below the page.

Editing Instructions

Download this PDF (293 kb) for instructions on how to add text, video, links and use the html editor.

Use existing templates

If you want to continue using an existing template:

  • Choose Select a Document Template.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Browse for a Template.
  • Navigate to a previously uploaded template.