The mission of the Secretariat is to provide professional support and guidance to University of Waterloo governing bodies, their committees and councils, and to senior University officers on all governance, policy and operational issues which might affect the institution.

The Secretariat also plays a significant role in the development, promulgation and interpretation of University of Waterloo policies and procedures, and supports the activities of senior search committees, as well as relations and grievance/appeal committees.

The Secretariat is headed by the University Secretary, who maintains close working relationships with the Chancellor and the Chair of the Board of Governors, as well as the President, Provost and other senior University officers, providing advice, guidance and support with respect to the execution of their responsibilities.

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  1. Mar. 16, 2018Two Senate Elections Open Monday, March 19, 2018

    The Secretariat is holding two Senate elections beginning Monday, March 19, 2018. These elections are for graduate student and full-time Environment undergraduate student constituencies.

    See the Nominations and Elections section of the Secretariat website for more information.

    Here you will also find information on recent acclamations for faculty representatives on Senate.

  2. Feb. 22, 2018Call for nominations: upcoming vacancies on Senate

    A call for nominations opens on Friday 23 February 2018 for upcoming vacancies on Senate. Please see the Nomination and Elections webpage for details and nomination forms. Nominations are requested for the following seats on Senate:

  3. Jan. 15, 2018UPDATE: Call for nominations extended for undergraduate student senators

    Please see Nominations and Elections for information on four upcoming vacancies for undergraduate students on Senate. The call for nominations has been extended to January 17, 2018 to match a recent Federation of Students' Students' Council decision.

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