University Committee on Student Appeals

This Committee has the jurisdiction to hear and make final adjudication of student appeals concerning:

  • A discipline penalty imposed against a student under Policy 33 – Ethical Behaviour;
  • A grievance decision in an academic support setting made under Policy 70 – Student Petitions and Grievances;
  • A decision of an Associate Dean under Policy 71 – Student Discipline where the penalty imposed includes suspension for more than three consecutive terms or expulsion;
  • A decision of the Vice-President Academic & Provost under Policy 71 – Student Discipline;
  • A decision of a Faculty Committee on Student Appeals; and
  • Any other matter concerning a student referred to it by the Senate or Board of Governors.

The University Committee on Student Appeals reports annually to Senate on the number of cases heard at the University and faculty levels, their nature and such recommendations as it sees fit to make with respect to matters under its jurisdiction.

The Associate Vice-President, Academic and the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs are co-chairs to the University Committee on Student Appeals, and are:

Jeff Casello (co-chair)
David DeVidi (co-chair)

The Secretary to the University Committee on Student Appeals is Alice Raynard.

University Committee on Student Appeals - Membership

Members 2023-2024

Last Updated: 4 July 2023

Faculty Representatives

Position Name
Faculty of Arts Greta Kroeker
Faculty of Engineering Vacancy
Faculty of Environment Erin O'Connell
Faculty of Health John Mielke
Faculty of Mathematics Carmen Bruni
Faculty of Science Rick Marta


Position Name
  Stephen Cook
  Alison Hitchens

Undergraduate Students

Faculty Name
Faculty of Arts Anne Gaviola
Faculty of Environment Stephanie Ye-Mowe
Faculty of Mathematics Grace Feng
Faculty of Science Matthew Lee

Graduate Students

Faculty Name
Faculty of Engineering Edward Yang
Faculty of Health Natalie Doan