Policies, Guidelines & Signing Procedures

This website is a repository of the most recent versions of policies, procedures and guidelines with application across the University to our employees, students and visitors. Policies, procedures and guidelines of specific application to an academic unit or academic support unit can be found on the websites of those units. 

This website includes only current policies. Canceled and superseded policies do not appear on this webpage.


Policy 1 – Initiation and Review of University Policies describes the procedures and governance approvals to be followed in the development, amendment and review of all University policies, other than academic policies which fall under the jurisdiction of the University Senate. 

A Responsible/Originating Department and Executive Contact will be assigned to policies as part of the development or renewal of a policy, if they are not clear in the existing policy already.  An Executive Contact is, “the University Secretary, President or Vice-President who is designated to be responsible and accountable for the development, implementation, maintenance and review of a University Policy and related Procedures and Guidelines.  More than one office may be designated for a particular University Policy or Procedure.

The Secretariat is responsible for the administration of Policy 1 and for providing guidance and support to the University community.  Please contact us at policy-relationscommittees@uwaterloo.ca if you have questions about policy development, review or revision.


Guidelines of specific application related to an academic unit or academic support unit are listed below. Guidelines may articulate the method by which a University Policy is carried out and relate to specific University Policies. They may identify roles and responsibilities and relate to specific legislation.

The authoritative copies of policies, procedures and guidelines are held by the Secretariat and bear the seal of the University. In case of discrepancy between the online version and the authoritative copy held by the Secretariat, the authoritative copy shall prevail.

Guidelines are listed below by functional unit:

Administration & Finance

Human Resources

Information Management & Technology


Students, Academic Programs & Services

University Community, Campus Services & Safety