Jury Duty

November 20, 2000

As a Canadian Citizen, it is your civic duty to respond to a jury summons and, if chosen, to serve as a juror. Employers are required by law to allow employees time off for jury duty, but not to pay their salaries during jury duty. UW's practice has been to pay the employee's full salary and have her/him donate any jury fee received to the University.

Contact the court office (the telephone number of the court office shown on the summons), or refer to the Office of the Attorney General homepage for further information and/or if:

  • your absence would cause serious hardship to your department or UW;
  • you are unable to make child care arrangements;
  • you have conflicting plans such as a planned, paid-for vacation (jury duty may be postponed until a later date; you will be required to produce proof of your plans to the court office);
  • you wish to request a postponement or to be excused from jury duty because this is a particularly difficult time for you to attend due to employment, business, schooling, or personal circumstances (you must make your request in writing, with supporting documentation; your request will be considered by a judge; these requests should be made only in cases of serious hardship);
  • you have a medical problem which would prevent you from serving as a juror.

There is a toll-free number (1-800-387-4456) to obtain information about accessible court accommodations across the province; the number is to be used by persons with disabilities only.