Faculty Grievance Committee

The Faculty Grievance Committee is composed of a Chair and six members with tenured or continuing appointments, appointed jointly by the President of the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo and the University President.  The members of the Faculty Grievance annually agree upon an ordered list of members each year.

Where a faculty grievance is to be heard by an internal tribunal, in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement – UW/FAUW (MOA), a three-member tribunal made up of the Chair of the Faculty Grievance Committee (normally), and two other members of the Faculty Grievance Committee selected in order from the annual ordered list of members are appointed.

Faculty Grievance Committee decisions are guided by the principles of natural justice, the Ontario Statutory Powers Procedure Act and the MOA.  Parties to a faculty grievance may present arguments and submissions, and may call, examine and question witnesses, to be considered by the committee. 

Faculty Grievance Committee - Membership

Members 2024-2025

Last Updated: 10 April 2024

Constituency Name End of Term
Chair Roland Hall 30 April 2026
Secretary Tim Weber-Kraljevski  
Arts David Rozotto 30 April 2025
Engineering Eric Croiset 30 April 2025
Environment Mike Stone 30 April 2025
Health Heather Mair 30 April 2025
Mathematics Jun Liu 30 April 2025
Science Vacancy 30 April 2024