Staff Dispute Resolution Pool

This process is set in Policy 36 which provides a confidential, effective and fair way to resolve problems, disputes, misunderstandings and disagreements concerning management action or inaction directly affecting a staff member. Complaints concerning the failure to apply or misapplication of a University policy procedure or guideline may include matters such as abuse of supervisory authority, demotion, working conditions, discipline and discharge.

Staff Dispute Resolution Pool - Membership

Members 2023-2024

Last Updated: 1 May 2023

University of Waterloo Staff Association Members

  • David Everest
  • Alannah Robinson
  • Samantha St. Amand
  • Ryan MacMillan
  • Sara O'Donnell
  • Jennifer Morgan

Staff Members

  • Clare Bermingham
  • Nancy Collins
  • Sarah Hadley
  • Katherine Marshall
  • Kathryn MacDonald