Procedure 25

Contracts and Agreements -- Zero or Unspecified Dollar Amount

Established April 2004

Where contracts or agreements, relating generally to the operation and development of the University, contain either zero or unspecified dollar amounts, the authority to bind the University to such contracts and agreements is set out below. Accountability for due diligence prior to execution and ultimate compliance following execution rests with the co-signatories. Persons designated under this resolution are expected not to exercise their signing authority in circumstances where conflicts of interest exist or could be seen to exist. In addition, they are expected to inform their immediate supervisor when such circumstances exist. (Refer to Policy 69.)

Executed originals are to be retained in the offices of the Dean, department head, or President/Provost. A copy of the executed document is to be filed with the Secretary of the University.

A. Faculties

The Faculty Dean

and One of:

An Academic Department Chair

B. Academic Support Departments

One of:

A Vice-President; the Secretary of the University; an Associate Provost; an Associate Vice-President; the Dean of Graduate Studies

and One of:

A Department Head

C. Executive/University Level

One of:

The President; the Vice-President, Academic & Provost

and One of:

A Vice-President; an Associate Provost; the Secretary of the University; an Associate Vice-President; a Dean

Advice on contracts and agreements is available from:

  • the Secretary of the University (general legal, liability, indemnification)
  • the Investment Manager (insurance, liability)
  • Procurement Services (general re: contracts)
  • Finance (tax)