Policies - numerical order

  1. Initiation and Review of University Policies [FS]
  2. Bulletin Boards, Temporary Signs, and Notices [G]
  3. Sabbatical and Other Leaves for Faculty Members [F]
  4. Benefits to Faculty and Staff Undertaking Part-Time Educational Programs [FS]
  5. Salary Administration, University Support Staff [S]
  6. Vacation - Staff [S]
  7. Gift Acceptance [G]
  8. Freedom of Speech [G]
  9. Exchange of Teaching Resources and Arrangements for Transferring Teaching Services from or to Affiliated and Federated Colleges, or other Universities and Colleges [FS]
  10. Naming Opportunities [G]
  11. University Risk Management [G]
  12. Records Management (Cancelled; subsumed under #46 [Information Management]) [G]
  13. Archives (Cancelled; subsumed under #46 [Information Management]) [G]
  14. Pregnancy and Parental Leaves (including Adoption), and the Return to Work [FS]
  15. Bookings - Use and Reservation of University Facilities for Activities not regularly timetabled [G]
  16. Overtime, University Support Staff [S]
  17. Quotations and Tenders [G]
  18. Staff Employment [S]
  19. Access to and Release of Student Information (Cancelled; subsumed under #46 [Information Management]) [G]
  20. Lost and Found [G]
  21. Alcohol Use and Education [G]
  22. Regulations Governing the Installation of Equipment in University Buildings [G]
  23. Eligibility for Pension and Insured Benefits [FS]
  24. Tuition Benefit for Children of Faculty and Staff [G]
  25. Library Facilities [G]
  26. Provision for University Overhead in Sponsored Research Activities (grants, contracts and other research support) [G]
  27. Use of Physical Recreation Facilities [G]
  28. Payment of Moving Expenses and Travel Allowances to Newly-Appointed Faculty and Staff Members [FS]
  29. Smoking [G]
  30. Employment of Graduate Student Teaching Assistants [Z]
  31. University Expenses
  32. Pets on University Property [G]
  33. Ethical Behaviour [FS]
  34. Health, Safety and Environment [G]
  35. Firearms [G]
  36. Dispute Resolution for University Support Staff [S]
  37. Use of Audio-Visual Centre Services [G]
  38. Paid Holidays [FS]
  39. Leaves of Absence for Staff Members [S]
  40. The Chair [A]
  41. Contract Research at University of Waterloo [FS]
  42. Prevention of and Response to Sexual Violence [G]
  43. Special Conditions of Employment for Deans [A]
  44. Research Centres and Institutes [G]
  45. The Dean of a Faculty [A]
  46. Information Management [G]
  47. Part-Time Teaching Appointments for Full-Time Staff [S]
  48. The Vice-President, Academic & Provost [A]
  49. Extra-University Activity (Faculty Members) [F]
  50. The President of the University [A]
  51. Cash Handling [G]
  52. Private Corporations [FS]
  53. Environmental Sustainability [G]
  54. Definition of Staff [S]
  55. Non-Academic Surveys with University Populations [G]
  56. Vacations and Vacation Pay for Non-regular Faculty Members, including Graduate and  Undergraduate Students with Academic Appointments [FS]
  57. Library Lending (Cancelled) [G]
  58. Accessibility [G]
  59. Reduced Workload to Retirement [FS]
  60. University of Waterloo Emergency Response [G]
  61. Religious Accommodation [G]
  62. Conflict of Interest in the Employment and Supervision of Personnel [FS]
  63. Faculty Grievances (Cancelled, see Article 9  Memorandum of Agreement)
  64. Use of Proprietary Computer Software [G]
  65. Equality in Employment [G]
  66. Use of University Resources and Affiliation [G]
  67. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) [FS]
  68. Vice-President, University Research International [A]
  69. Conflict of Interest [FS]
  70. Student Petitions and Grievances [G]
  71. Student Discipline [G]
  72. Student Appeals [G]
  73. Intellectual Property Rights [G]
  74. Capital and Non-Capital Assets [G]
  75. Official Employment Files of Regular Faculty Members [F]
  76. Faculty Appointments [F]
  77. Tenure and Promotion of Faculty Members [F]