Policy 2 – Bulletin Boards, Temporary Signs, and Notices


1 August 1972

Last updated:

1 December 1983


28 February 2020. Amended, official titles only.




It is the general policy of the University to provide sufficient tackboards or other types of notice boards throughout its buildings, which will provide a reasonable amount of space for the posting of legitimate notices required for the official purposes of academic, non-academic, and student activities.

All notices are to be on a tackboard, and any notices posted elsewhere, except as noted below, will be removed.

The following regulations will govern the use and control of bulletin boards throughout the University:

  1. All bulletin boards are identified by a number.
  2. Once assigned to individuals, departments or organizations, it is their responsibility to maintain the boards properly.
  3. All notices are to have a date of posting and a date by which notices are to be removed.
  4. Notices may only be posted on a given board by permission of the controlling department. The controlling department is responsible for approval of the notice or sign posted.
  5. The numbering and assigning of the bulletin boards will be the responsibility of Plant Operations. Exceptions to these regulations may be made during student election campaigns; however, the locations where signs may be erected and the manner in which they may be erected or fixed to walls or other surfaces must first be approved by Plant Operations. Any signs or notices not so approved will be removed. Any damages which they may have caused will be charged to those who erected the signs.
  6. The President or his delegate reserves the right to instruct the removal of any notice or sign considered to be objectionable.


Signs posted for the purpose of identifying the use or occupant of a room, or the use of particular areas within a building, or buildings, will conform with standard designs which are established from time to time by Plant Operations.

The following regulations will govern the use and control of these signs throughout the University:

  1. Requests for such signs will be forwarded by the controlling department to Plant Operations.
  2. The type of sign and its location will be decided in agreement with Plant Operations.
  3. Signs will be obtained through Creative Services or Procurement & Contract Services as appropriate and installed by Plant Operations.


Temporary directional signs for the purpose of directing visitors, students or staff will conform to standards established by Plant Operations.

The following regulations will govern the use and control of such signs throughout University buildings and grounds:

  1. Requests for such signs are usually in connection with a conference, seminar, or similar special event and will be submitted to the Bookings Office along with the request for space and/or special arrangements.
  2. Location and duration of display of signs will be decided by Bookings in consultation with Plant Operations.
  3. Signs will be procured by the Bookings Office and installed and removed by Plant Operations.